How to Stop Soda Drinking


The sweet taste, bubbly fizz and the caffeine buzz that in soda may be difficult to resist. But it is not good for you, but it is difficult to quit something with a good taste. It is plain and simple stop drinking it. Soda damages your health and making you not lose weight. Some people consume incredible amounts of calories whenever they know back a can. The calories are not good for you as since they come from the added sugars.

Besides, you will not get enough food nutrients from sodas. You end up filling the body with chemicals with can cause diabetes, tooth decay, and poor bone health. Even diet soda has the same effects, and you cannot get away with drinking it. You need to stop taking sodas but how? The following are tips that will help you get soda out of your life.

Unsweetened tea

Most people take soda for caffeine. For those who do not drink coffee, unsweetened black tea or green tea can be an excellent caffeine source. If you are not a tea purist and you need an extra flavor, then mix in fresh lemon or any other flavor like stevia to sweeten it but keep off artificial sweeteners.unsweetened tea

Count your calories

This is a great way to keeping the waistline in check. Tossing back soda cans like they are medication, you can be surprised the number of calories you consume from soda alone. The best way is to get a calorie counter app to do this unless you intend to write down whenever you take soda. Also, do not order soda when you are out.

Drinking seltzer water

Soda drinkers are usually addicted to carbonation, so if you are seeking for carbonation, then you can drink seltzer water.Stevia water has the bubbly craving without the negative side effects that come with soda. Be sure to keep off flavored seltzer since they are made of artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health. Use soda stream seltzer water by yourself.

Try a glass water

glass waterWhenever you feel the urge to drink soda, instead take a glass of water. Stress or boredom can cause you to grab anything in your sight. Pour some water into a glass instead of opening a soda can. There are chances that soda drinkers do not drink adequate water, so this can cut the urge of drinking soda and make sure you get hydrated sufficiently. Flavor the water with lemon or other fruits that add flavor and health benefits.

Breaking this habit can be a daunting task, but these tips can help you to deal with this habit that can ruin your health.